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Why We Are Raising The Arches


  • Arches are speaking to us about openings, beginnings and stepping through certain perspectives to see what’s on the other side.
  • Arches also deals with initiationand ceremonies of renewal in many cultures. Walking through an archway represents the sloughing off of the old and moving into a new phase of life.
  • Arches also talk to us about opportunity, a universal law, which is “There is always another way.”
  • Aches are also symbolic of the expansiveness of the human mind convey a sense of duality, enlightenment.

This feeling of duality really plays nicely with the arch meaning because often we’re faced with some kind of contrast that prompts us to shift (move through the arch) our views.

The duality of how the Arches symbolize Pelham


  • At the end of the second world war many fled the ravages of Europe and emigrated to the Peninsula/Pelham in search of a new life, enlightenment, opportunity, etc. The base of the arches on one side represents the old world, on the other side setting roots in the new. The arches represent their journey. The point where the two arches connect represent the linkage between old and newfound traditions.


  • The arches represent the many service clubs and charities that are a mainstay of our community. The base on one side is the volunteer service member – the other side a person in stress or need. The point where the two arches connect represents the gracious offer of help and the gratitude of finding that someone cares about your wellbeing


  • The Arches symbolize at the point of connection were long time residence of Pelham welcome and enfold newcomers to our community


  • The handing over from one generation to another at the connection – family traditions, wisdom, the family history, memories (grandpa/ma taking his/her grandchild on a walk for hot chocolate and a doughnut)


  • The coming together and partnering of Pelham’s two life styles, one rural, the other urban.

Serving the Public

  • One side of the arch is the citizens of Pelham – the other the town staff who – for the citizens – manages the town’s assets, resources, process and knowledge. The connection point – Town Council

Bill Gibson,
Chair, Pelham Summerfest Committee

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